Clonale Chardonnay

The 2014-2015 growing season began with lower than average rainfall throughout the winter. Budburst occurred at a normal time and was followed by a spring that also had lower than average rainfall, along with moderate temperatures. These growing conditions led to vines with less vigour than usual. Flowering conditions were good; however, we received slightly below average yields due to cold conditions experienced during the 2013 flowering period. Several large periods of rainfall throughout the season were managed effectively, and the vineyard remained disease free.

The period between January and late March was relatively cool, with January much cooler than historically usual. With the exception of one rain event, the mild and still weather continued throughout the harvest period. This allowed for a calm yet constant harvest for the viticultural team. Harvest began in late February and was finished in late March.


Tasting Profile, December, 2015
The 2015 Clonale offers a highly aromatic nose displaying notes of lime zest and nectarine along with a subtle struck-match savouriness. An energetic palate with vibrant grapefruit and mandarin flavours races towards a long, pithy finish.