Terms and

  • Accommodation Terms and Conditions

    Port Phillip Estate’s standard Rooms (Vineyard Suites) are designed for couples and cater to a maximum of two adult Guests per Room.

    Port Phillip Estate Accommodation caters for Guests 16 years of age and over only; an adult must supervise guests under 18 years of age.

    Occupancy starts and finishes on the dates shown on the receipt. Check-out is 11am.

    The key cards to the apartment are to be returned to Reception upon departure.

    All Guests shall be liable for any loss or damage to the appliances, furniture, fixtures and all fittings in the Room, excluding fair wear and tear.

    Trespassing onto the vineyard beyond the accommodation grounds is strictly prohibited, and the Guest(s) shall be liable for any damage caused to the vineyard.

    Guests must abide by noise restrictions. Speakers must not be used outside the building, and music played inside the building must not be audible from the exterior of the building at any time. All music must cease by 11pm.

    Port Phillip Estate shall not be responsible or liable to compensate for loss, theft or damage of personal property on, or brought into the Room or in the immediate vicinity of any of the Rooms.

    Where the Guest(s) sign for and/or on behalf of a business or company, and in the event that the business or company is unable or refuses to pay any amount due, the Guest(s) shall be liable to pay on demand any amount owing by the business or company under this agreement.

    Should the term of accommodation be reduced, the Guest hereby agrees to be liable for the appropriate tariff under the current Schedule of Rates.

    No animals or pets are permitted on the premises.

    No smoking is permitted in any indoor areas. If smoking outside your Room, please discard refuse in the bins provided.

    If additional room cleaning is required, cleaning that is above and beyond our standard room cleaning, additional cleaning charges will be charged to the guest’s credit card.

    There is no refund for early departure.

    Under no circumstances will Port Phillip Estate tolerate intimidation or bullying of any of its staff and/or patrons.

    The Manager may inspect the Room at any time without notice if the Manager believes that there has been a breach of the Terms and Conditions.

    The Manager has the right to terminate the Guest’s stay and demand immediate departure if the Manager feels that there has been a serious breach of the Terms and Conditions.