Vintage Update 2015


Vintage update from Sandro, Glen and Steve

The 2014–2015 growing season started off with lower than average rainfall yet the dams and soil profile were full for the start of budburst. Due to our continued use of compost and natural foliar nutrition, the vines foliage appears a deeper green, which is a sign of increasing health and resilience. Yields are slightly below average due to cold conditions experienced during 2013 flowering period. There were several large falls of rain throughout the season, all of which were managed effectively and the vineyard remainded disease free.

The period between January and late March was relatively cool, with January much cooler than historically usual. With the exception of one rain event, the mild and still weather continued throughout the harvest period. This allowed for a calm yet constant harvest for the viticultural team. Harvest began in late February and was finished in late March. Ripeness was ideal with an attractive balance between flavour, sugar and acids. Even in the early stages the wines are showing great form, with strong lines and typical flavours. We look forward to seeing how the wines develop in barrel.


Winter Wine Weekend


In the Dining Room

Indulge in fine food and wine by the warmth of our grand open fireplace. Red Hill in Winter makes for a wonderful weekend escape. Unless noted otherwise:

Three course, $85 per person
Two course, $68 per person

Saturday 6 June
Lunch and dinner

Sunday 7 June

Monday 8 June

Three course, $95 per person
Two course, $75 per person

In the Cellar Door

Enjoy a ‘cheeky’ lunch with friends and family. Soak up the spectacular views and stay warm with our grand open fireplace.

Cheeky Lunch

Settle in and enjoy a bite, a small plate and a large plate, $35 per person.
Excludes groups of 10 or more.

The Cellar Door Kitchen will be open for lunch Saturday 6, Sunday 7 and Tuesday 9 June. 

Eat Mornington Peninsula

An exciting showcase of eight local restaurants. This event is held at the Red Hill Reserve and Showgrounds, Arthurs Seat Road, Red Hill.

Port Phillip Estate is delighted to be involved.